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Co Founder & Director of Education

Marianne hails from Kapar, Selangor.  She started working at the age of 20 while completing her Bachelors in Computers & Information Sciences from the University of South Australia.

Marianne has been  in the education and academics field for nearly two decades. During this time, she held several critical positions including Head of Programmes at SIT International College ( now Help University) . She also held a key position GE Aeronautics and at the academic arm Air Force (TUDM).


Throughout her early adulthood she was an active church youth leader and believed strongly that serving began exactly where you are. It was no surprised that when she met Dave (NTA’s Founder), they fell in love and got married shortly after.


Marianne believed in the vision of NTA so firmly that she was the 1st person in the team to give up a promising career in academics. She worked full time to start what we know today as NTA School for Refugee Children. Like the beginning of any major project, the initial stages saw more tough than easy days. Marianne weathered through it and single handedly ran every aspect of the school during it first 2 years.

Today Marianne is NTA Social Enterprise’s Director of Education, and she sure has some big plans !

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